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Your Eminences, Your Excellences,

Please, find bellow my Open letter to the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church on the subject of the Amazon Synod directed to all Cardinals electors, Diocesan Bishops and their Auxiliary Bishops. Specifically, on the topic of the shortage of priests in the Amazon at which all other subjects of the Synod are founded.

Separately, you can find attached the Appendices to this letter as well as my study the shortage of priests, a statistical analysis of the evolution of the clerical and lay populations of the Church since Vatican II. Thereby, I draw your attention to the appendices 4 and 5 specifically.

Furthermore I must refer you to the Encyclicals Sacerdotalis Caelibatus (1967) and Humanae Vitae (1968) as well as the Motu Proprio Solemni Hac Liturgia (Credo of the People of God) (1968)>, all of them published by Pope Paul VI shortly after Vatican II.

Note that Pope Paul VI rejected the topics of Celibacy of Priesthood and Contraception from the Council's Agenda, and preserved these topics to Himself only, which resulted in the Encyclicals Sacerdotalis Caelibatus and Humanae Vitae. Therefore, concerning these topics one cannot refer to the Second Vatican Council at all, either to the so-called Spirit of the Council.

In addition, please, note that the Motu Proprio Credo of the People of God was published on special request of the first Bishops Synod in 1967

Open letter to the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church

Your Eminences, Your Excellences,

For the good of the Church, we respectfully request a little of your valuable time in bringing the following matters to your attention, and to that of the Holy Father and the participants of the Amazon Synod.

Although this letter specifically addresses the Amazon Synod, as an Open Letter it is also directed at all Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. This is because the subjects of this regional Synod touch one of the main problems of the whole Church: the shortage of priests. Certainly, if one part of the Church suffers, the whole Church suffers.

Our appeal to you is the following:

For each of these objectives, we substantiate our arguments with evidence in the attached appendices. This evidence demonstrates that Vatican II has been the main catalyst for the significant drop in the number of priests and religious over the last six decades.

The underlying root cause in our opinion is a spiritual one, namely the lack of a humble and gracious collaboration concerning the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, (c.f. Appendix 1 to Appendix 6). This was the result of a deliberate set-up and spiritual hijacking of the Council, which can be very briefly summarized as follows:

The stakes are simply too high to ignore these facts. The indisputable result has been a fundamental loss of Faith, which has broken the unity between Doctrine and Pastorate (Appendix 4).

Given this spiritual nature of the problem, only supernatural means can solve it. We therefore propose the following solution to you for urgent action (Appendix 7).

The entire Hierarchy and Clergy of the Church shall therefore globally and publicly:

With heartfelt gratitude for your kind and generous consideration, we humbly beg your sincere prayers for the Holy Father and Synod Fathers that they may realise the seriousness of the current existential crisis in the Church, and have a change of heart with regard to the solution required.

We offer you the assurance of our filial support and prayers, we hope for a speedy reply, and we humbly ask for the grace of your blessing.

Faithfully in Christo,

Jack P. Oostveen (oostveen@hotmail.com).


Appendices to_the Open Letter to Bishops:

On the shortage of priests, a statistical analysis of the evolution of clerical and lay populations of the Church )


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