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Response to Father Fidenzio Volpi - Luisella Scrosati

Dear Mr and Revd Dr Father Fidenzio Volpi

I learn with gratitude of your communication of a correction to which I refer willingly (http://www.immacolata.com/index.php/it/35-apostolato/fi-news/245-nota-ufficiale-chiarimento-luisella-scrosati-liberta-e-persona), so that your clarification may be made known to all.

Freedom and Individual, who has kindly published my previous intervention, does not intend to do anything but help people get the widest and most complete idea of what is happening in the world and in the Church.

I intend to explain the "offending" passage: the canon of the Code of Canon Law which I mentioned, that is, no 1337, a deduction was taken from a real measure taken against Father Stefano Manelli. In fact, as you said, Father Manelli can leave the defined territory - that seems to me to be confirmed that the Diocese of Cassino - only with their consent, but not with the permission of the local ordinary (correct me if I am wrong), but of the Superior General. You will agree that this is an exceptional measure, to which no other religious is subject.

Hence, the inference existed that you had made use of a rule laid down by Canon Law. We note that you did not want to refer to canon 1337, and not to the fact that restrictive measures have been taken against father Manelli.

Moreover this, Rev Doctor and Father, still leaves many of the faithful laity who know Father Stephen perplexed, confused and in some cases outraged. For my part, there was no action "in order to pre-establish grounds of appeal based on the failure of the procedure to be followed in cases where a sentence is delivered," as you wrote in the note. This is your deduction that I respect, but it is not true. I have other purpose than to try to understand and help you understand.

So I wonder if it might be legitimate to ask you for a further communication which can clarify what other articles of canon law or the proper law have inspired the decision. Please do not think that it is a provocation: it's just a sincere request because you are in a position to clarify.

I take the opportunity, Revd Dr Father, to make it known, as reported in my writing, about rudeness and disrespect evident in certain articles and postings that not only continue to be visible on the site, mediatrice.net and on the Facebook profile of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, but it has been "enriched" by new interventions with the same "style".

Rev Dr Father, Liberty and Person will welcome any adjustment that you might make to help people understand; we hope-and we ask it explicitly that you can intervene in the work of the Institute's Communications Manager, in order to restore a style which is a little more Christian.

I can assure you of my poor prayers, for your task which is of such a delicate nature.

Luisella Scrosati (9.10.2013)