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    third Open Letter to the diocesan Bishops and Auxiliary Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church

        This letter has been sent by e-mail to about 3100 Bishops (Diocesan and Auxiliary).

        February 20th, 2019

        Your Excellency,

        For the good of the Holy Catholic Church, I respectfully ask once more a little of your valuable time to inform you about the surprising and unexpected acts by Cardinals Burke and Müller.
        I refer you here to the personal website of His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke and the ‘Manifesto of Faith’ by His Eminence Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Müller both published on February 8th 2019, a few days after I had sent you my last letter. And now most recent, February 19th, the Open Letter by the Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller to the Presidents of the Bishop Conferences, gathering the coming days in the Vatican on the sexual abuses. Among other places on the internet you can find links HERE

        Herewith, especially, Cardinal Müller’s ‘Manifesto of Faith’ can be seen as a first step towards a ‘Creed of Faith’ publicly stated by Pope Francis himself. So, I am very grateful to these Cardinals for launching these respective contributions on February 8th and 19th respectively, fitting in conjunction with my letters to you.
        May the acts by these Cardinals encourage you to present the result of my analysis concerning the roots of the “confusion, bitterness in human relations and fratricidal wars” in the Church since Vatican II in the first letter and the proposed solution in the second letter to our Holy Father!

        Furthermore, I would like to use the opportunity of this letter to present you a new unexpected confirmation of some details of my analyses, that I discovered last month in Yves Chiron’s biography of Mgr. Bugnini as documented here (page 82):


        Isn’t this a deliberate call to betray the Pope as well as the majority of the Council Fathers, by creating a Preparatory Document on Liturgy filled with embryos (in nuce) enabling novel Liturgical ideas to be propagated freely after the Council? How can such dishonest intentions be blessed by the Holy Spirit?

        Besides this deliberately created shadow behind the novel Liturgical ideas, we are confronted here with the fundamental principle that anyway manmade Liturgy is constructed by elements subjectively chosen from the past ‘that no longer exists’ and is created for a ‘presumed future’ in accordance with the subjective ideas of the creators. Surely, any manmade Liturgy is by its origin ideological and temporarily and therefore doomed to failure, sooner or later. Man will never be able to create a timeless Sacred Eternal Liturgy. In contrary, the Sacred Eternal Liturgy has been received from the Lord where its organic development led by the Holy Spirit only serves the Sacredness and deepening of the ‘Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi’. It is like a splendid painting that is conserved by the best kind of varnish, shining forever. The idea that this painting needs to be restored seems to be foolish and especially considering that such restoration could be done by man is simply a sin of pride. If man cannot see that splendid painting shining anymore, it is not because of the layer of varnish but due to blindness of man.

        This deliberately created shadow as well as the idea of manmade Liturgy is one of the concrete sources for the“confusion, bitterness in human relations and fratricidal wars” currently raging inside our Holy Catholic Church since the Council.


        It is a fact that on October 6th 1962, Father Bugnini learned about his dismissal from the post as Secretary of Liturgical Commission of the Council, and from teaching at Pontifical Lateran University. And furthermore, it is a fact that Pope John XXIII promulgated the 1962-Roman Missal on 23-07-1962, only ten days after he had approved the final preparatory document on 13-07-1962. Aren’t these specific acts a clear expression of the real intention of Pope John XXIII how the Council should treat the Liturgy i.e. never depart from the sacred patrimony of truth received from the Fathers’ and ‘the sacred deposit of Christian doctrine should be guarded and taught more efficaciously’? Therefore, it may be logically concluded, that if Pope John XXIII would have agreed to these embryonic changes introduced in the Preparatory Document, he would not have promulgated the 1962 Roman Missal.

        With my heartfelt gratitude for your kind and generous consideration, I offer you the assurance of my filial support and prayers, I hope for a speedy reply, and I humbly ask for the grace of your blessing.

        Faithfully in Christo


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